Most Expensive Couches Money Can Buy Today

For most of us, couches are mere creatures of comfort that we use while watching TV or entertaining guests. But for the rich, these seats are the centerpiece of their extravagant living rooms, a symbol of their wealth, power, and status.

In this post, I’ll introduce you to the most opulent couches and sofas money can buy today.

1. Lockheed Lounge – $3.3 million

Lockheed Lounge

Image via Marc Newson

Lockheed Lounge is one of the most famous creations of world-renowned designer Marc Newson. He revisited one of his earlier works, the LC1, aiming to come closer to his image of an 18th century chaise lounge that has “a fluid metallic form, like a giant blob of mercury.”

The Lockheed Lounge is the most recognizable piece of contemporary furniture in the world. Even more so when it was featured in Madonna’s video for the song “Rain.”

In April 2015, it set the world record as the most expensive work by a living designer when one of its editions fetched $3.3 million dollars in Phillips in London.

To date, it has only 10 editions excluding four artist’s proofs and a version with white feet, making it an extremely rare masterpiece. Each edition is also unique since each panel is cut individually and filed to fit.

The Lockheed Lounge is far from your average comfy sofa. It’s a work of art that’s fitting for the filthy rich with its voluptuous curves, aerodynamic design, and Modern machine aesthetics.

2. ‘D’ by Ron Arad – $300,000

‘D’ Sofa by Ron Arad

Image via Christie’s

Second place by a huge margin is Ron Arad’s $300,000 D sofa.

Ron Arad is a well-known Israeli designer with numerous awards under his belt. He is known for creating daring designs that challenge the disciplines of furniture, sculpture, and architecture. He has collaborated with famous brands like Vitra, Swarovski, Adidas, Fiat, Samsung, Hennessy, and Le Coq Sportif to name a few.

Designed in 1995, the D sofa, short for double sofa, is a mirror-polished stainless steel piece of furniture. It has interesting curves that create a W shape. This cartoonish sofa shines for its contrast of bold curves and hard edges.

The D sofa is so impressive that it was even displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York back in 2009.

3. Onyx Sofa by Peugeot – $185,000

Onyx Sofa by Peugeot

Image via Peugeot Design Lab

The third most expensive couch in the world is the Onyx Sofa at $185,000. Designed by Pierre Gimbergues for the Peugeot Design Lab, it is a marriage of hi-tech carbon fiber and a natural material called Volvic stone.

Also known as eternal stone, Volvic volcanic lava stone is incredibly durable. It is hand carved and then attached to carbon fiber. The roughness and irregular shape of the Volvic stone greatly complements the smooth, straight cut of the carbon fiber.

This 3-meter long seat looks more like an artistic bench rather than a sofa. Just like the Lockheed Lounge and D sofa, the Onyx Sofa is an art-centered piece so it isn’t as comfy as your run-of-the-mill sofa.

Still, for its fusion of different materials and unique look, it isn’t surprising that those who can afford it choose to adorn their living room with the Onyx Sofa.

4. PlumeBlanche Aymantion Diamond Encrusted Sofa – $185,000

PlumeBlanche Aymantion Diamond Encrusted Sofa

Image via Luxury Safes

Snagging the fourth spot is the PlumeBlanche Aymantion Diamond Encrusted Sofa. Right off the bat, it’s easy to see how the price shot up for this unapologetically opulent piece of furniture.

Diamond-studded platinum buttons make the Aymantion sparkle. Meanwhile, the solid mahogany frame, the fully biodegradable latex, and full grain leather are from Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

During the time it was sold, buyers could choose from 60 leather colors and 500 lacquer colors. They also had the option of swapping the diamonds on the logo with 4 carat sapphires.

The luxury French interior designer company only created 50 copies of this diamond-studded sofa so it’s truly limited edition. If you want to sit on diamonds the PlumeBlanche way, you’d have to pay about $200,000.

5. Michael Jackson’s Esmeralda Sofa by Colombostile – $73,000

Michael Jackson's Esmeralda Sofa by Colombostile

Image via Las Tardes con Helena

Anything related to late King of Pop Michael Jackson and you know it’s going to be pricey.

The star commissioned Italian company Colombostile to create his version of the Esmeralda Sofa. MJ ordered it, along with other pieces, for his Kent, England residence where he was planning to stay during his “This Is It” tour.

Apparently, MJ especially liked the Esmeralda and was even planning to use it as an onstage prop. Unfortunately, he passed away before the goods could be delivered.

The MJ sofa has a royal design with engravings on the wood. A gold finish for the wood and headpiece, onyx stone inlays, and dark red velvet upholstery make this grand sofa extra lavish.

If you’re willing to shell out the big bucks, you can still order the Esmeralda sofa in blue velvet, a silver leaf finish, and Swarovski button trimmings.

6. Boca do Lobo Versailles Sofa – $23,859

Boca do Lobo Versailles Sofa

Image via Boca do Lobo

Starting the bottom half of the list is a limited edition piece from Boca do Lobo, the Versailles Sofa. Inspired by its namesake, the Versailles Palace, this sofa will give you the grandeur and pomp of a 17th century French Court.

The Versailles Sofa’s wooden structure and panels are sculptured bas-relief, produced in resin, and finished with stone-like restoration techniques. The upholstery is velvet while the legs are turned acrylic. Interested buyers can customize the size and color to better fit your living room.

The Versailles Sofa stands out for perfectly combining art and comfort. Made by Portugal’s best artisan craftsman, you can get it for about $24,000.

7. Poltrona Frau Kennedee Curved Sofa – $21,200

Poltrona Frau Kennedee Curved Sofa

Image via Poltrona Frau

Priced at $21,200, the Kennedee Sofa is French architect Jean-Marie Massaud’s creation for Italian brand Poltrona Frau. Its clean lines give it a cosmopolitan vibe while still looking simple and elegant.

The Kennedee is a new take on traditional sofa shape. It’s a modular sofa that allows for endless compositions be it linear, corner, or curved.

The fine quilting on the backrest and cushions is what makes it so special, however. Its urban and sleek appearance is texturized with contrast stitching in a hand-produced X motif.

Those who want to splurge would be happy to know that the solid seasoned beechwood of the Kennedee is paired with Pelle Frau leather in different finishes.

8. Bentley Newent Sofa – $14,710

Bentley Newent Sofa

Image via Aspire Design and Home

When a famous luxury car and SUV maker like Bentley comes out with its own furniture, you know it’s going to be fantastic and expensive. With a price tag of $14,710, Bentley’s latest addition to its Home Collection is the Newent Sofa.

The Newent Sofa has the same allure as the Bentley automobiles. It echoes the British brand’s luxurious personality, exquisite materials, and iconic shapes.

The wooden shell  of the Newent Sofa harmoniously combines a curved and tapered shape, resulting in a soft and sinuous profile. Those who want the Newent Sofa to take the center stage of their living room can choose from two veneer options and a fabric or leather upholstery.

9. Montis Axel XL – $13,765

Montis Axel XL sofa

Image via Montis

Based in the Netherlands, Montis has a history going back to 1974. It creates sustainable designs that are shapely, industrial and elegant.

For the 9th spot, it’s one of the Dutch company’s pride and joy, the Axel XL at about $14,000. It is the creation of Gijs Papavoine who is known for designs that center on basic shapes with refined elegant lines.

Just like Poltrona Frau’s Kennedee, the Axel XL is a modular sofa so positioning is very flexible. It has low, broad seat for active seating and is available in different upholstery materials and finishes.

10. Barcelona Couch – $11,321

Barcelona Couch

Image via Architectural Digest

Rounding off the list is an $11,000 couch from Knoll, the Barcelona Couch. It was born in 1938 when American architect Philip Johnson commissioned German talent Ludwig Mies van der Rohe to design his New York City apartment.

Since its conception, the design has remained the same. It’s a sleek piece with a low profile that works great when you want to leave space for beautiful views.

The Barcelona Couch features hand-tufted cowhide cushions and 17 belting leathers of the same material. The platform is clear lacquered Sapele Mahogany from Africa while the legs are polished tubular stainless steel.

Made from the finest materials, you get what you pay for with the Barcelona Couch.